Ghislain Picard

Ghislain Picard

Current position

Full Professor at IGE - OSUG - UGA

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Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement
54, rue Molière
38402 - Saint Martin d'Hères
Tel: +33 4 76 82 42 45
Github: ghislainp

Research topics

My area of research focuses on studying snow in the polar regions. It is crucial not only to quantify the amount of snow accumulation on the surface of the ice-sheets but also to understand how the physical properties of the snow near the surface evolve over time. This is significant because the snow at the surface undergoes continuous changes, including melting, metamorphisms, and wind transport on short time scales (hours to seasons) as well as on long-term changes due to climate change (years). These changes have a direct impact on the surface energy budget. They can lead to atmospheric warming or cooling depending on the conditions, and through a complex interplay within the climate system, these effects can influence in turn the snowpack itself. Even a small initial disturbance in the snow can be amplified and result in significant climatic impacts far beyond the polar regions. This is why snow is important in the broader climate system, and what motivates further discoveries in this field.

In my research, I employ remote sensing techniques, encompassing all the electromagnetic ranges (microwave, optical and thermal). I have developed several radiative transfer models to enhance the utilization of satellite observations and to refine the surface radiative budget estimation. With Laurent Arnaud, we design innovative instruments to measure the physical properties of the snow. Several 'snow' stations have been deployed across East Antarctica to monitor snow surface evolution.


D17 station
Photo: Spectral albedo measurements at D17 in Adelie's land, East Antarctica.

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